Carol (Taylor) and I (Steve Gurst) have been working in the Healthcare industry for a combined 50+ years.  We decided to make a change by starting our own business. I am passionate about cooking and we love to eat! So, smoking the best BBQ for living became

a reality!


Foodie is a word that describes us. It means connoisseur

of good food.  BBQ is one of our favorite foods, so for the

last ten years I educated myself on how to smoke the

best BBQ anyone has ever tasted.  We go to BBQ events,

watch chefs who cook BBQ, read about BBQ and dream

about it. Our vacations include food tours, festivals and

tastings.  Most of our vacation budget is spent on food.  

I have spent hundreds of hours smoking all kinds of

BBQ and my family and friends say, "What are you

waiting for? This is the Best BBQ ever!"


We had our BBQ trailer built from the ground up and it is

something to behold.  The BBQ I smoke for hours is nothing short of amazing!  The response to my BBQ has been humbling.


Our personal responsibility is to make the Best BBQ our patrons have ever tasted and we feel we do just that.  So, don't pass this BBQ trailer up!  Our reward is knowing we have a BBQ business that we are very proud of.  Blazin BBQ, LLC is our American Dream!